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Points & Rewards

Frequently Ask Questions

Questions about miles & rewards.

How should I enter my name on the enrollment form?

You should enter your first and last name exactly as it appears on your passport.
If you are married, only your maiden name as last name.

How can I contact the Z-Reward department?

You can always send an email to

Where can I see my balance information?

1 ) Log in with your Z-Reward number and password
2 ) Click on Statement History
There you will find the history of all the points that have been added to your account since your enrollment to the program.

How often is my balance information updated?

All points will be uploaded to an account within 24 hours after departure time.



When do my points expire?

An account can become inactive if no activity has been registered for a period of 24 months.
Redemption of points does not count in this activity, its only for the accrual points.

How can I keep my points active so they don’t expire?

All you need to do is earn points within 24 months, and your mileage expiration date will automatically be extended for an addition 24 months from the date of your most recent account activity.

How can I earn Z-Reward points?

Every time you fly with Z Air you will earn a minimum of 500 points. Except when travelling in the K-class, P-class or the S-class.
To avoid delays in crediting a member account, all members should provide their membership number when making a reservation. If points have not been credited after one month of travel, the loyalty department must be contacted immediately.

If I purchase a ticket for another passenger, who receives the points?

The person who actually travels on that ticket is the one that is eligible to earn points.

How come that I didn’t receive my points on my account?

If you did not include your Z-Reward number while booking online or you did not provide the reservation agent with your Z-Reward number during the reservation, your points will not be added automatically. Also, the name on the ticket must match the name on your account. Also if your name if the name is spelled differently, points will not credit automatically.

It is also possible that your flight was not eligible to credit. If you have questions on eligibility, K-class, P-class, S-class contact us via email

What to do in case the flown ticket has not been credited?

Send an email to and provide account number and reservation number.

Z Air will retro-credit flown points for up to 4 months after the traveled date. Please note that retro-credit requests may only be submitted for flights on and after the day of active membership.

Can I transfer my points to another airline mileage program?

You will not be able to transfer points you accumulate in the Z-Reward program to any other mileage program, nor can you transfer points you accumulate in another mileage program to the Z-Reward program.