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Baggage Restrictions

Restrictions for the Safety and
Comfort on our flights

Find out which substances you can carry on your trip and the conditions of carriage which apply to them.

Baggage Restrictions

We always aim to provide our passengers with the maximum safety and comfort on our flights.

For this reason and in accordance with international flight regulations, there are some, dangerous materials we do not allow on board our flights.

To ensure a problem-free journey, we recommend that you take care not to bring these items on board.

Banned and Restricted items

Please refer to the following table to find out which materials you can carry with you, and any other conditions relating to them.

ProductsCan be carried on youCan be carried in cabin baggageCan be carried as checked baggageNotes
Hair spray, perfumes, colognes, medicines containing alcohol etc.Maximum 100 ml can be carried in the cabin.
Sprays used at home or during sport which are not flammable or toxic and do not cause any adverse side effects.XX
Toy guns or gun-shaped lightersXX
1 packet of safety matches or 1 lighter (must not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel other than liquid gas)XXBlue-flame lighters cannot be carried
Wheelchairs and movement aids with non-leak batteries (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segweys, etc)XX
Wheelchairs and movement aids with lithium batteries or batteries which may leak (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segweys, etc)XX
Foldable wheelchairs and movement aids with batteries or lithium-ion batteries (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segweys, etc)XX
Portable electronic devices with lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries, or standard batteries, such as watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers and recording devices
Spare lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries, or standard batteriesX
Portable electronic devices wıth non-leak batterıesX
Thermometers or barometers containing mercuryXX
Medical or clinical thermometers
Energy-saving lightbulbs
Portable electronic devices powered by fuel cell systems, and spare cell cartridges
Hair curling devices containing hydrocarbon gasXUp to 1 per passenger.
Internal combustion or fuel cell enginesXX
Alcoholic drinksThe maximum alcohol content allowed is 70%. The maximum amount of alcohol that can be carried by 1 passenger is 5 l.
Sharp objects (penknives, knives, walking stick-style umbrellas etc.)XXUp to 2 items per passenger.
Medical oxygen cylinders belonging to the passengerXXThe cylinder must be empty
Canisters containing non-flammable or non-toxic gasX
Small gas cylinders containing non-flammable or non-toxic gas
Standardization devicesXX
Non-infectious samples in small quantities packed in flammable liquidX
Portable electronic medical equipment (including breathing apparatus)
Radioisotopic heart rhythm adjusters, etc.X
Equipment containing radioactive material such as chemical imaging devices, emergency alarm diagnosis device monitorsX
Safe bags, money bags, etc.XXX
First aid bagsX
Dry iceXXXA maximum of 2.5 kg may be carried per person.
Personal self-defense items such as pepper sprayXXX
Heat generating devicesX
Camping stoves containing inflammable liquid fuelXXThe stove should be emptied of fuel and left to dry for at least 6 hours before the flight.
Insulated packages containing refrigerated liquid nitrogenX
Arms and ammunitionXXFor personal use, a maximum of 5 kg gross per passenger can be carried.
All cues (pool, billiard, etc.)XXAll cues (pool, billiard, etc.) are carried in the cargo compartment as registered baggage. It is not allowed to carry the cues in the cabin.

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