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Music Instruments

Musical instruments

You can bring your musical instrument in one of 3 ways:

As check-in baggage

Your musical instrument may weigh max. 23kg (50.5 lbs). It must be packed in a hard suitcase. The instrument must be properly packed, as Z Air is not liable for any damage. Extra fee applies if the instrument is larger than L + W + H = 158cm (62 inch) or weighs more than 23kg (50.5 lbs).

As hand baggage

If you are carrying musical instruments with dimensions less than or equal to (120H x 30Wx 20L) and weighing no more than 10 kg, you may carry them as a replacement for your carry-on baggage or personal item. Remember to carry it in the proper packaging and make sure it fits in the compartments of the aircraft cabin. If you do not meet the requirements, you must purchase an additional seat through one of our ticket offices, Contact Center or travel agencies.

On an extra seat

Larger instruments which do not fit in the overhead baggage compartment or under the seat can be taken into the cabin to be transported on a seat. Your instrument can be no longer than 140cm (55 inch) and no heavier than 23kg. This seat needs to be booked in advance at an Z Air BV Ticket Office.

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