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Colombia Requirements

Requirements to travel to Colombia

Important when traveling to Colombia.

When you fly to or from Colombia.

National and foreign citizens who wish to enter the national territory, in addition to the already established requirements, must fill out the “Check-Mig” immigration form before being attended at the immigration control posts and include the required information completely and accurately
health questions included.

The application is available on the Colombian Migration website at the “CheckMig” link. This process can be done from 72 hours to 1 hour before the trip.

In the event that the citizen does not receive the confirmation email of the form, they can verify their registration by entering the link, filling out the requested information and selecting “Consult pre-registration” EZAir will control if the traveler has completed the Check-MIG If the Check-MIGis not completed and if the traveler is a foreigner who does not reside in the country, the airline can prevent boarding at the place of origin.

Check out more information on measures at Colombia Travel or Migración Colombia.

Download or read more about the requirements here:


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